1 - what your boobs do when u're old
2 - "sahg" the best thing to order in an indian restaurant.
"my boobs sag"
"i love sag paneer"
by coolgirl April 21, 2005
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Pants that are worn below the waste line, exposing the boxers. Oversized pants make it easier because it drops as the belt is adjusted. It is believed this originated in prison. Male prisoners would wear pants that were sagging in order to have sex and not get caught. Sex is prohibited in prison and the guards would catch the male prisoners having sex or with their pants down. The idea of sagging made it easier for male prisoners to have sex and pull their
pants up as the guards approached.
Sag til you drop, bend over when you drop.
by JC87 July 21, 2006
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To wear you pants below the waistline, and possibly down to your knees in extreme situations. "Sagging" originated in the poor black community in which boys could only afford one pair of pants. As they grew, their pants became shorter and shorter, forcing them to "sag" them in order to keep the cool baggy look that they desired.
Man look at that guy who sagging! He needs to pull his pants up.
by The Truf February 9, 2007
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I just pooed on the table for sag

........just for sag
by willbur September 22, 2012
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Combination of the words "sack" and "bag".
I got some candy in the sag.
by Guy Weldo May 12, 2004
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The complete opposite of gas....
"DUDE, quit saging and get some gas..."
by jesuslives4527 July 2, 2006
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