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To wear one's trousers lower than the intended waist line, hence the back of the trousers "sag". Some believe "sagging" origionated in America, particuarly amongst the black comunity. Men that had been arrested and sent to jail would be malnurished and therefore skinier upon leaving thus causing their trousers to hang lower around their waist; "sag".
LOok at dat boi tryin 2 sag....
by i_s_t_h_a_t_m_y_t_i_e_? March 01, 2004
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1 - what your boobs do when u're old
2 - "sahg" the best thing to order in an indian restaurant.
"my boobs sag"
"i love sag paneer"
by coolgirl April 21, 2005
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Coloquial term for the pant half of a tracksuit; tracksuit bottoms.
He thinks he's a gangster; sitting there in hoods and sags.
by Ozzleach May 20, 2007
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Accronym for Straight Acting Gay. First coined by Lance Bass.
Girl 1 "Oh man that guy... he's so foine!"

Girl 2 "Don't ask him out, he's a SAG. I know, my brother and him are an item."
by Jaminman July 27, 2006
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Short for "space age gangsta." See also OG, CG
I'm a muthaf*ckin SAG: A space age gangsta. I ain't no muthaf*ckin pranksta
by juxta July 14, 2006
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To wear you pants below the waistline, and possibly down to your knees in extreme situations. "Sagging" originated in the poor black community in which boys could only afford one pair of pants. As they grew, their pants became shorter and shorter, forcing them to "sag" them in order to keep the cool baggy look that they desired.
Man look at that guy who sagging! He needs to pull his pants up.
by The Truf February 08, 2007
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