You know how after you smoke weed. like five hours later you're all down and tired... or 'washed'. A washer is a person who acts like they are washed all the time.
You know jake?
Yeah. that fool is such a washer.
Yeah he doesn't ever do shit.
by snoop d o double jizzle September 22, 2005
"I fu*ked her last night and her washer needed a good scrubbing.. lucky i had a rubber on!"

"You can tell her washer would be mint..."
by Nayz_ August 4, 2007
Washers is a game of skill, similar to Horseshoes, in which individuals or teams compete against one another in an effort to be the first to reach a winning score of 11,17 or 21 points. The game consists of two washer pits located opposite one another, each with a recessed cup. Contestants stand in one pit and throw washers toward the cup in the other pit. The object is to land in the cup, or nearest the cup, to score.

See for more information.
Sicko and Ondrunko dominated Lighswitch and Teddy Bear at washers while getting banged up on the Jersey shore.
by Sicko August 23, 2003
a word used by goons that refers to dishwasher
imma put these plates in the washerator!
by goon_ June 15, 2009
A beer liked for taking big drinks to quench thirst and wash down the throat.
Let's head to the bar for a few washers.
by Yooper906 January 17, 2018
A Flash Washer is someone in your office that briefly runs their hands (sometimes just fingers) under the water after using the restroom. Basically stating that their restroom activity did not warrant a soap and warm water hand washing.
I'm not eating anything that Donna brings to the pot luck on Thursday, she's a Flash Washer.
by GorgeousPC August 21, 2013
A person whom only washes their hands after using the restroom in the visible presence of others. If it "appears" that nobody is present (i.e. somebody is in the stall, or they didn't notice someone was in the room with them), or nobody is actually in the restroom with them, they will leave after using the restroom and not wash their hands.
Christa is a party washer. She only washes her hands in public bathrooms where other people may see her. But not if she thinks she's alone.
by YourJuliette September 8, 2005