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Based on context, could either mean "testicles" or, eggs. However, people tend to be unclear with this at times...
He did not have the huevos to prepare any huevos. Go suck a huevo.
by TooCrooked February 19, 2004

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Abbreviation for "Non Commissioned Officer". Only enlisted people are NCOs.
I am an NCO in the air force. And no, i don't fly an F15. Only commissioned officers do.
by TooCrooked August 30, 2003

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Acronym in the sports world for "Did Not Finish". Ironically, however, the #1 Vaporware of all time, "Duke Nukem Forever" (known also as "Duke Nukem Taking Forever", ".. If Ever", ".. Whenever") coincidentally has the exact same acronym.

by TooCrooked October 02, 2005

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In online gaming terms, one who joins a server therein bringing the average ping through the roof due to his poor connection.
wtf kick lagger
by TooCrooked August 30, 2003

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To suffer inexplicable pain of some sort. This pain isn't necessarily physical, however. The usage of the word "world" doesn't always implicate a great length of time that the pain will exist, but rather the magnitude of the pain.
I spent my first year of college drinking and failing classes. Now Daddy won't pay my tuition, and I have to go to community college. I'm in a world of hurt!

Dad: Son, did you go outside without my permission again?
Son: (lying) No, Mom said--
Dad: *removes belt* You're about to be in a world of hurt!
Son: *starts crying even though he hasn't been hit yet*
Dad: Why are you crying? I haven't even hit you yet! But don't worry, i'm about to give you something to cry about.

...Not that that actually happened or anything...
by TooCrooked June 27, 2008

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Didn't you know pro wrestling is staged?
by TooCrooked August 30, 2003

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More or less a freebie that requires some sort of (minimal) effort to obtain. Often used in the context of athletics, but may have other applications.
The quarterback threw up a gimmie, but i just couldn't pull it in.

The first question contestants are asked in gameshows are often gimmies in order to lull them into a false sense of security.
by TooCrooked November 10, 2008

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