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NCF means "Nice choice, faggot." This acronym is used when is used sarcastically when somebody makes a decision that you disagree upon.
Jim: So today I went to watch my sisters dance recital instead of watching Monday night football with the bromigos.
Jeff: Seriously bro? NCF.
by Michael Scott IV September 20, 2011
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Stands for "No Charges Filed". When you get arrested an are taken for your first court date (an arraigment), being told that your case has been deemed NCF, that simply means that the Prosecutor's Office will not be filing charges in Court at this time. Charges may be filed in either Municipal Court or District Court. The defendant (you) will be released that day and could be subpoenaed by either court should charges be filed at a later date.
Im being released from jail due to NCF because the court didnt buy that cop's story!
by HazelGrrrl September 25, 2014
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Nigger Cunt Face (NCF). This is commonly used to discriminate against anybody. Often used against 5-year olds.
Bob - "I will Pwnzorz you"
Jill - "Stfu NCF"
by CptJack45 November 02, 2007
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(n.) Non-Committal Fuck.
(v.) Non-Committal Fucking. (NCF'ing)
The only type of relationship Jordan has ever had is an NCF.

Once she got a boyfriend, Austyn's out of control NCF'ing tamed to only 3 NCFs a week.
by gThugggggggg October 17, 2010
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Nice Car, Faggot.

A phrase stated among groups when a lad or chick in a fully hectic car (piece of shit), is seen to be doing hot laps of the esplanade, or is taking part in generally idiotic behaviour.
Lad: *vrrrooooooooom*
Group: ncf.
by Teembe November 14, 2011
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A nervous clumsy fool, coined by the amazing musician (solo bassist) Nathan Hughes.
Person: Shes a total NCF.

Persons friend: THEN WHY?!?!?!
by oldschoolhero August 26, 2009
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1. Non commitial fingering

2. Non committal fucking
I was feeling horny so I let him give me a little ncf under the table.

Dude, last night was epic. Me and that girl...ncf all night
by Ms.Independent April 15, 2015
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