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In Britain (there's already loads for definations for the way Australians use this word), this word generally means a young male. However in modern Britain this word has come to mean someone who engages in typical testosterone-driven behaviour such as drinking, sport and having a laugh with mates, sometimes harmless, sometimes obnoxious or even worse antisocial. There was once the phrase "Jack-the-Lad" (a rogue), "laddie" has long been part of the Scottish dialect, and in the 90s something called "Lad-culture" arose, where the aforementioned behaviour was celebrated. Girls who behaved in a similar way were called "Laddettes". There is also the adjective "laddish".
This young lad was killed in a bike accident recently

He's one of the lads, they love their football

On Friday nights the town centre's full of young lads getting drunk
by ManofG March 05, 2009
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A lad is a male who specialises in creating and distributing exquisite banter. Though most lads are youngish (late teens and early twenties) age is not a defining characteristic and you will find both young lads and old lads. Some special skills of lads include, but are not limited to the following:

- Binning Pints
- Exposing genitalia and getting naked in public places
- Throwing up after copious alcohol consumption
- Spousal Abuse
- Getting kicked out of pubs/nightclubs for being overly offensive

Excelling in all areas will earn a lad the title of "top lad". There is no higher praise that can be bequeathed upon an individual.
"That guy just saw off a whole bottle of Vodka then partyboyed that bird, what a lad!"

"Andy got kicked out of City for binning his pint, then turtling naked on the dancefloor...LAD"
by Dr. Agon/mcniv July 12, 2009
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another word for guys commonly used in Ireland, Scotland and some parts of England and Wales.
"Lads, will ye be shut up!"
"Lads, are you going to Cian's party tomorrow?"
by Soldieron February 14, 2012
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Lad: An australian youth subculture centred around individuals who hang out in gangs, engage in petty theft, pick fights, vandalise property and use foul language which generally involves a great deal of pig latin. Hence the terms "adlay" and "eshays". Lads generally wear white caps tilted up at the front to show the front part of their hair which is often gelled. The strap of the cap is done up tight at the back and the possibility of a rats tails or other such hair style dangling out the back is common. They can be seen wearing white polo shirts, or polo shirts of other colours with short shorts (striped parachute/tracksuit pants in winter) and trainers. They sport brands such as Nautica, Saucony, Nike and Everlast and in addition to this wear ridiculously small bags usually scrawled with graffiti. 'Lads' are now commonplace is many areas of Sydney including but not limited to the inner west, outer west, north west, south and south-west. 'Lads' can be found in most high schools throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, they have a gang mentality which enables them to gain physical superiority over other groups and subcultures and are disliked by the general population. They can often be seen hanging around train stations and shopping centres or just roaming the streets in search of trouble. Lads are generally into rave music and in particular hardstyles such as gabber. They also engage in tagging as graffiti is a large part of the subculture. Lad girls wear similar clothing and often have their hair gelled and tied back tightly, giving it a shiny, sleek and some might say greasy quality.
Lad: "Lets catch the 492 from Burwood to Drummoyne adlay, we'll pick some fights with little kids when we get there"
by storkman November 06, 2007
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A phrase overused by middle/upper class Jack Willis wearing twats conveying their faux-machismo, those who like any music that is played in Yates or other shitty mainstream clubs whilst trying to retain credibility by liking Indie such Oasis and The Stone Roses...because those bands are popular amongst football fans, and what kind of "lad" wouldn't want to fit in with the football crowd. Act like they're salt of the earth when they're actually at Uni, courtesy of mummy and daddy and their money. Usually seen chatting up a vapid airhead who dresses like a supermodel in a put on regional accent (they never forget to use as much regional slang as they can!), who is drawn in by his "charms" because she is so void of personality. Usually thinks Inbetweeners is cutting edge TV, sees Cook from Skins as a role model and is more interested in Pete Doherty's tabloid habits than his actual music which they haven't actually heard, despite professing their love for The Libertines. Pinnacle of annoying loudmouth, they can usually be seen outside a takeaway at 3AM bellowing at each other because it's "banter", a word they overuse to the point of deserving to be punched.
"I had a well mental night last night lad! I went to Oceana with the lads and did 26 shots! I was hanging! Then I bumped into this Southern pansy who didn't like the checkered shirt I was wearing, so I said 'get t'fuck, laddeh' and I think he was intimidated by my accent cos I'm a proper Northerner, but it was just a bit of banter! Then I met this bird - see how I use the word 'bird'? Cos I'm a proper lad and did I mention how I'm from up North too? Anyway she looked like Amy Childs but fitter and with bigger tits! BANTER! She says that she loves my woman's clothes that I'm always wearing, which I bought from Topman. Anyway, I left with the lads and bought some chips, but then we had some well epic banter by throwing them at each other! Top night lads! Mental! Now I have to phone mummy for some money as I spent all my student loan at Topman"
by LadsAreActuallyPonces November 09, 2011
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A British & Irish word used to describe a male aged between 9-30 years old or depending what way you use the word it can also be from 0-9 years old
"Where having a lads night this friday you up for it?"

"Those young lads are up to mischiff"

"My wife just gave birth to a wee lad"
by Harry69 July 05, 2007
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