A way a guy explains why he is staring a something, usually a chicks ass.
*Chick walks past*
Guy1: What are you staring at?
Guy2: Nice car.
Guy1: What?
by Loagus August 14, 2012
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1- It's used when a guy is sexually attracted to a girl, and the girl knows it.
2- It means nice dick.
Example 1:
Girl1: Uh Oh... He's looking at me in a weird way.
Girl 2: I think he is a nice car!

Example 2:
Girl3: Nice car, boy!
Guy1: My car can be really productive...
by y2603 February 2, 2018
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A phrase that is said by Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 to Ethan when Jack ‘hijacks’ the car Ethan tried to kill him with
by LongJohnJohn September 11, 2020
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