What Urban Dictionary would be if every definition had a picture with it.
I can't even search up the number 70 without it being not safe for work!
by xxxman360 April 29, 2018
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The link was subtitled not safe for work and my entire family was in the room. The only logical option was to click it.
by cain_west November 19, 2007
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The opposite of NSFW (not safe for work). Generally refers to content that will not get you fired from work.
Person 1: Hey man check this out!
Person 2: Is it safe for work ?
Person 1: Uh, yeah sure...
by rektshrektdisrespekt August 11, 2015
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A phrase meaning possibly pornographic in respect or having horrendous language. Don't look at it in school.
The video of that slut stripping is totally not safe for work.
by Erik Stehlar October 25, 2007
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what urban dictionary would be if it has images for the definitions
this site has lots of not safe for work definitions
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This meaning shouldn't event exist on this website.
Guy 1: "Is the Urban Dictionary ever safe for work?"
Guy 2: "No, that definition shouldn't even exist on there."
by Zeyph February 19, 2019
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