The Chad of all algebraic structures, a group is a set equipped with an associative binary operation, which contains an identity as well as an inverse for each element.

Groups give mathematicians a general way of describing structures with symmetry. They are very sexy and I dream about them in my sleep.
If (G, • ) is a group with identity e, then FrobeniusTheorem tells us that:
k divides |G| => k divides |{g∈ G : g^k = e}|
by Isomorphizm June 17, 2020
A group consists of a minimum of 4 people. More people vary...
by Ms Lafond November 13, 2019
When someone glares at madie but actually doesn't and alyssa,haylie, Anika, and mallorie all hated her but she's not brave enough to ask
My little "group" doesn't like people.
by Rosehaters🍓 September 13, 2017
A small selection of people. Generally named Alyssa, Haylie, Anika, and Mallorie! That Madie claims glares at them all the time! She also claims that Alyssa hates her without actually asking Alyssa before making the assumption.
The little "group" is glaring at me again.
by Rosehaters🍓 September 13, 2017
When a group of individuals turns one member into the object of ridicule
Cole was in Hitler mode. As a result, he was left at Denny's. He was grouped on.
by moneylongproductions July 7, 2014
a group of 23 exceedingly cool individuals who can often be found loitering in various places for entertainment purposes. often mistaken as being "too sophisticated" or "too innocent" by other groups, The Group is in fact the best group to have around when one wants to have fun, and due to all of the brilliant personalities within The Group, there is never a dull moment.
'wow... who are those 23 incredibly cool people having so much sophisticated fun over there?'
'dude.... thats The Group.... Duh..'

'omg! look at those people loitering outside Johnstons Court... they are so trying to be The Group..'

'i always feel so lonely when i delete myself from The Group..'
by bond.jamesbond. August 23, 2011
1. A small or large number of people.
2. Another name for a band.
3. To get something together.
1. That's big group
2. What group's concert are you going to?
3. Group it.
by Adrian December 17, 2006