An abuser who tries to murder you and your mother, usually addicted to drugs or alcohol. Another key factor is being a felon or a rapist, especially a registered pedophile.
Dude beats up you and ur mom= My Father
by FuckOffHandOverHeadBoy October 15, 2018
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The unwanted yet unavoidable state of sadness initiated by listening to Luther Vandross's "Dance With My Father" (can also be applied to any situation where unnecessary sadness results).
Emotionless Bastard: I don't understand why Jim started to cry when his son won that award for "best little helper" on his Little League team.
Sarcastic Friend: I dunno, I guess he was just proud to see his son really excel at something.
Jim: I'm so proud of my little boy (proceeds to cry and assumes the fetal position)
Emotionless Bastard: Damn Dance With My Father Depression
by The Sebastian August 07, 2007
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an instruction to have sexual intercourse during the festive period. Plum my pudding and stuff my turkey would be synonyms
I love you Alfed. Stop wrapping those presents and come father my christmas
He was fathering my christmas all day long when we should have been shopping for the kids presents
by charrc April 24, 2006
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This is toast
He is my father
I watch him being fucked by my mom mickey mouse 24/7
No, dont judge me
I get happy when my dad tells me im adopted

yay, im sending this to discord now
Hey, my toast father named Toast, im just gonna show you this shit
by Libsu September 03, 2017
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