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“Your father went out tho the store to buy some milk. It’s been 14 years.”
by Twink Boy 420 April 7, 2019
Stop trying to look for him here. He’s gone. Went to get milk. Maybe you need to go get milk too, you are starving.
Person 1: “Where’s your father?”
Person 2: “He went to the milk store.”
by 29YearsApart October 18, 2020
Your father is your male parent
Your father is a mother and you have 2,147,483,647 mothers and you killed your father and Selena killed you A N D H I S N A M E I S J O H N C E N A . . . T H E F A T H E R O F S E L E N A
by Nobody2147483646 December 25, 2019
1) A variation on the insult Your Mother. Can be more successful than your mother because when used right can also question a mans sexuality.

2) An equally as witty comeback for Your Mother

Also see your matt
person 1: Hey, You suck
person 2: your mother
person 1: no, your father
person 2: you suck
person 1: No, your matt
by AngryLiam March 16, 2005
Commonly used British phrase meaning to have sex. I've no idea why it should mean this. Does not mean penis as previously stated.

They've gone to have a bit of the old hows your father!
by hurtle September 18, 2005
According to Michael Kelly, a writer and historian in New Zealand, "the origin of the expression 'how's your father' can be traced back to Victorian times. In those days any man with a daughter was so protective of her virtue that he would take extraordinary measures to safeguard it. Unmarried girls would be kept within the bosom of their family as much as possible, chaperoned on excursions, and on those occasions when they were let out of bounds for social events, their fathers would often accompany them discreetly by hiding underneath their voluminous skirts ready to pounce on any man who transgressed the bounds of propriety.

However, a father with more than one daughter couldn't be everywhere at once. Thus, a suitor having a discreet vis-a-vis with his beloved would cautiously ascertain her father's whereabouts by asking, 'And how is your father?' If her father was currently under her skirts, she would glance downwards and reply, 'My father is very well, thank you, and as alert and vigorous as ever, and maintains his interest in rusty castrating implements.' Her beau would then say, 'I have always had the greatest respect for your father, and of course for you. Let us hold hands and think about the Queen for a while.' If, on the other hand, her father was elsewhere, she would reply, 'The mad old bastard is currently stationed between my sister Constance's thighs. Let us go into the garden and rut like stoats.'

Hence, 'How's your father' became a euphemism for you-know-what."
by BethBracken October 25, 2007