The toy store everyone thinks is more expensive then Walmart and Target but usually isn't, at least not by more then a dollar. But people assume anyway and so no one shops there.

Also the worst place to work. Managers only care about you asking every customer if they want a protection plan, batteries, a credit card, a donation for whatever charity the company is promoting at the time, birthday club sign-ups, and reward cards. If you don't as every customer for all those things you will burn in hell and never work more then 2 days a week with 4 hour shifts.

You'll work minimum wage, have to call customers "guests" and co workers "team members" and listen to customers bitch every second about the "no receipt no return" policy in place. If you make eye contact with a guest you have to ask "What can I help you find today?", so most team members try not to look at anyone.

Your managers will sit together in the break room eating lunch all day or computer office and chat about their kids or life while the store needs straightening or there's 1 register open and a huge line. Heaven forbid they do anything but come on their walkie every 5 minutes and tell everyone to sell more protection plans or whatever other add on isn't selling well. The store is usually understaffed every day between the months of january and august. After that they hire in anyone that can use a computer for Christmas season, then fire all of them come December 26.

Your balding CEO denies catering to adults but sells GPS units and adult halloween costumes (on the website). It's this sort of logic that leads the company in circles and ultimately fails at everything it tries to introduce: Pet supplies = mega fail.

It's basically a daycare for poor people. They take their kids to Toys R Us and let them open packages and ride bikes around the store, only to deny ever doing so when confronted to pay for the box they just destroyed while opening it.

They try to rope you in with pictures of how much fun you'll have working there, but it's all lies, there is 0 fun to be had working at a toy store, and that's sad.
I heard Joey got a job at Toys R Us, he starts September 15th!
Yeah too bad he'll only work there for 3 months, if he doesn't quit first.

I can get my xbox 360 cheaper at Walmart, it's 299.97 there, it's 299.99 here! HUR HUR I'm saving money!
by Geoffreysaslavedriver June 1, 2009
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A store that was made in the 30s, but was killed off because of expensiveness. All Toys R Us stores are closed in the US.
by PI55 September 4, 2018
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A good place to shop or work if you want to have nightmares as an adult.
TV: "Buy a new Skylanders game and get two free Skylanders, but only if you buy from Toys R Us, where --"

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! *burns TV down*
by ShutUpImMe June 5, 2016
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A store that used to be good but now is only good for always sold out overpriced video games. Half of the store has baby toys and clothes.
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a crap place to work as u get treated like a piece of poop
dont work @ toys r us
by uber skank January 25, 2005
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A store that sold toys for the youngen back in the stone age.
Hey mom can we go to Toys "R" Us
by kayleebuttbruhh June 23, 2018
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