" When my father hears about this!"

"Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret"
by Two Pints of Lager & a handle December 30, 2017
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1. Ancient pureblood family surname.

2. An intelligent Slytherin wizard with intense, stormy gray eyes and sexily tousled blond hair. Sex object of Hogwarts.
You'll never stand a chance against Malfoy.
by scorpiusmalfoy<3 January 17, 2011
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Someone who exhibits qualities befitting of a Malfoy. For example, taking objects that do not belong to ones self, behaving obnoxiously. Malfoy can also be used as a name to call someone in a stressful situation.
ex: "omg give me my mints back, you're such a malfoy!"

"how's it goin' malfoy?"

"malfoy!! please help me!"
by malfoy:) April 29, 2010
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A Bratty child. Usually with albino white hair . If this child ever went to a magical school... they would be put into one of the worst places to go! Were all bad children go! This child will be loved by girls all over the world one day.
You are the worst Malfoy i have ever met!
by Hogwartsisreal August 15, 2011
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A Malfoy is a person that constantly screws up at everything attemps, more than one screw-up is more than likely.
Also a synonym for screwing up in general.
That guy is such a Malfoy.

Dude, you totally did a Malfoy last night!

by Lanceler October 18, 2007
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Malfoy is often associated to JK Rowling's Harry Potter books. In the book Malfoy is the last name corresponding to evil git Draco (who is incredibly sexy) as well as his father Lucius and mother Narcissa. Malfoy basically means bad faith. All in all google Malfoy and Draco will pop up...
Draco Malfoy should have ended up with Hermione Granger while Ronald Weasley should have ended up with Luna Lovegood.
by Lizzy9685 April 23, 2008
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A popular member of the Slytherin house. Often threatens to tell his father about things that he doesn't like at Hogwarts.
"Just wait 'til my father hears about this."- Draco MAlfoy
by poopooy October 3, 2012
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