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The name of one of the most original bands of the late seventies and early eighties, with a resurgence in the late ninties. They are known as "Punk" because that is the core of their music, but they mastered and touched upon several genres from jazz to hip-hop, girl-group to reggae, disco to country. Hit Songs include "The Tide is High", "Heart of Glass", "Rapture", "X-Offender" and "One Way or Another"
Debbie Harry-Vocals
Chris Stein/Frank Infante-Guitars
Gary Valentine/Nigel Harrison-Bass
Clem Burke-Drums
Jimmy Destri-Keys
Some fans think that Blondie's self-titled first album is their best work, but others maintain that "Parallel Lines" is the best showcase of their talent.
by el brado July 05, 2003
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A female or male, (mainly refering to females though). with long blonde hair, some people think that it is an insult, but if taken the correct way it just means that you stand out because of your blonde hair and the person shouting it may like that!
Builder "Oi BLONDIE!"
Blonde lady *thinks-as if PERV!*
by Trinkbar_Trina May 08, 2005
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Name of a music group that introduced some of the first 'rap' lyrics to the mainstream music industry. The group was composed of white people with a blonde haired girl (Debrah Harry) as the lead singer. Many think 'Blondie' is debrah harry's name, but it is actually the name of the whole group.
by Rayl November 24, 2003
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A nickname for people who are well noticed for their blonde hair. Does not apply to white or black people, only to those who are noticeably blonde. Usually for women, but can also apply to men.

Sometimes 'blondie' is associated with a strong-willed confident person with blonde hair.

Not to be mistaken for 'blonde' or 'barbie'.
Often seen as an insult, but only when intended to be.
1. Hey Blondie, pass the soda?
2. Blondie's got attitude.
3. Move over blondie!
by overhill May 12, 2009
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the name of Clint Eastwood's character in the best movie of time The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
go watch AMC on the TV
by me January 23, 2005
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A term used to refer to a person with long blonde hair, male or female.
"I like blondies. ^-^ I'm blonde too, but it's not long. Still, I guess if someone wants to call me a blondie they can."
by Dave March 28, 2004
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