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A Romanian Kalashnikov variant for commercial sale in the US that fires 7.62x39 round. Unlike the stand Kalashnikov rifle, it has a 12.5 inch barrel instead of a 16 inch barrel, and does not posses a shoulder stock. It has recently gained popularity with rappers because of it's affordable price, compact size and powerful round. The Draco is a "civilian-legal" copy of the Romanian PM md. 90, which is exactly like the Draco, but has a folding stock and can fire in full auto.

Because the Draco does not have a stock, and has an overall length less than 26 inches, US laws classifies it as a "handgun" instead of a rifle.
1: Hey, I got a new gun to conceal carry and I'm going to the range to practice with it now. Wanna come with?
2: Sure! What gun is it?
1: A Draco pistol.
2: What the hell is that?
1: An AK.
by Autistic Cracker February 21, 2017
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whats good my nigga ? Just got a new draco fuckk a 9mm. We about to slaughter these mothafuckas.
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by BlowMoney209 December 07, 2016
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1. Latin for "dragon".

2. A character in the Harry Potter series.

3. Anything pertaining to harsh or unnecessary rules/punishment. Draconian.
1. No example needed.

2. Draco Malfoy strode through the castle gates.
by Dalek Draco March 11, 2010
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Slang Term for the AK-74u, aka the Mini Chopper, aka the Mini AK-47
Guy 1: They was talking shit on folkz n nem, what we boutta be on bro?
Guy 2: Fuck is you talm bout nigga i'm in traffic rn with the Draco.
by JakeXenon January 07, 2017
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The second hottest guy in the Harry Potter series. A character with so much potential that J.K. Rowling shuffled to the side because she realized her writing abilities didn't cover characterization.
by Lauren Nicol' Malfoy October 09, 2007
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