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A term popularised by comedian Russell Howard, referring to the act by which a woman rubs her vagina flaps over the face of another person.

The male equivalent of the act is a teabag.
Queen Elizabeth left Prince Phillip gasping for air after making him endure a long seasion of muffling.
by MuffleMaster July 30, 2017
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When a woman/girl teabags and rubs her muff (vagina) in another womans/girls face.
The Queen was muffling Trump.
by Dat boi pepe January 30, 2018
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small patches of short, scruffy body hair that grow on random parts of a person's body, espcially the underchin and upper ass
Hey Brian, shave your filthy ass muffling off the side of your face.
by Kyle Hamlett May 16, 2008
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A perverted necrophilistic sexual act, in which one person puts their mouth against the genitals of a female corpse, while the other jumps on the corpse's stomach, causing the entrails to burst through the vagina, and into the mouth of the first person.
Bryan and I are going to the graveyard tonight to go muffling!
by Cahill_RO April 18, 2018
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