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An amazing comedian, seen on Mock the Week and other comedy programmes. He also has his own show Russell Howard's Good News, has won several awards and tells amazing stories with a great Bristol accent.
He's also really good looking...
Russell Howard -
"Do you reckon the Queen has ever pulled a blanket up so just her head's showing and gone 'Philip, look at me! I'm a stamp!" - Edinburgh and Beyond 2005
by Finish the joke then... November 04, 2009
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British stand up comedian. Very energetic, somewhat of an aryan dreamboat, and in love with his best friend Jon.
"Did you see Jon on Mock the Week?"

"No, I saw Russell Howard, though, he was good."

"Yeah, engergetic. They should get Jon on, though."

"I agree."
by Jonnette October 29, 2007
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A cunt. Specifically an unfunny boss-eyed, pointy toothed cunt of a supposed comedian fancied by desperate ugly young girls and elderly women with twats drier than the Sahara.
Bob: Driving to work this morning and some Russell Howard went into the back of me.

Obediah: Did you punch him in his boss-eyed, pointy-toothed Russell fucking Howard head?
by sarangipani January 22, 2011
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Russell Howard is a British comedian who appears regularly on the show 'Mock The Week.' Put frankly, he is pathetic.
He almost never comes up with any new things to say. After the 1000th time he repeats a Bin Laden joke you just turn the television off and wonder why this Goverment approved Rent Boy was allowed to be on 'Mock The Week' let alone have his own show. Don't get me started on his annoying twitch. He's so Politically Correct it makes me sick. He's constantly talking about how much he wants to suck Obama's cock and nibble on his ballsack. If there was a show entitled 'Russell Howard gets executed' I would definitley watch it. That's what I call entertainment.
Bob: Oh look it's Russell Howard and he's constantly refreshing the page on Urban Dictionary and voting this definition down.

Jim: Oh is he that really gay comedian? I heard that his family wrote all the 'good' definitions about him.

Russell Howard: I'M NOT LOOKING AT OBAMA'S PIECE OF PORK! but I am common slime.
by IHateModernWarfare2 August 20, 2010
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A comedian from Britain who has his own show (Russell Howard's Good News) and also appears on Mock the Week and on stage.

He is very funny, and makes jokes out of hilarious news stories, but sometimes throws in his unique perspective on life.
He has a lazy eye, which some sad people can't seem to understand as the reason for "His annoying twitch", and he lives in Warwickshire.

I would suggest watching his shows, they really make you laugh and feel better.

He also coined the phrase Tatty Bojangles.
Russell Howard: I think the papers are making Britain a worse place to live, don't you think?
Just the unremitting horror of the daily express, they might as well just get rid of news and print
They're all the same; the daily mail every day "ASBOS, muslims, speed camera, speed camera,
ASBOS, muslims, speed camera- then the sun: Are you a paedo? Are you? Are you?Have a bang at her tits, 16 today, are you a paedo!?". The Independent, you try and read it, it's like it's grabbing you by the throat: "ARE YOU RECYCLING?! ARE YA?! YOU'VE JUST KILLED A POLAR BEAR, YOU!". All the while, The Guardian's in the corner, fanning itself with a wall-chart: "You silly little things. Tell 'em, Telegraph." "CRICKEET! CRICKEEET!" It's too much!"
by LilyP December 24, 2013
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Hilarious British comedian, most known for his appearances on Mock the Week. He now has his own TV show - Russell Howard's Good News. He is quite good looking, although his twitchy eye is an annoyance.
"Did you watch Russell Howard last night?"
"Did he have sunglasses on?"
"Then I'm glad I missed it."
by RejectKid May 21, 2010
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