verb (passive): to be smothered by a woman's muff in an unpleasant or aggressive manner (NB: usually ref.s to the muff of an obese woman)
"What happened to Chris last night?"
"Oh, dude, he was wasted at the bar and got picked up by this minging fat bitch!"
"Oh man, is he a plumper humper?"
"No dude, I bet she totally muffled him."
by Isaac Newton's Grundle April 6, 2009
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A term popularised by comedian Russell Howard, referring to the act by which a woman rubs her vagina flaps over the face of another person.

The male equivalent of the act is a teabag.
Queen Elizabeth left Prince Phillip gasping for air after making him endure a long seasion of muffling.
by MuffleMaster July 16, 2017
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When a woman/girl teabags and rubs her muff (vagina) in another womans/girls face.
The Queen was muffling Trump.
by Dat boi pepe January 30, 2018
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To rub one's vagina on someone else's face when they are unconscious
sussan: oh no lisa's out cold

carol: sussan get the camera, this is muffleing
by franklyn gregory January 24, 2018
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film me sarah film me!!
jenny muffled me last night! ~ bob
no way! you're lucky ~ bill
by idudiduididddddddiamjohhnny November 15, 2018
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It’s Tea-bagging but with a vagina instead
Linda’s muffling Karen again, snapchat it woohooo”
by ZombieSpaceCat 🐰 April 11, 2019
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Slang for female masturbation, especially while still clothed.
I went into the bathroom stall for a quick muffle at work.
by Kevin Atkins November 30, 2006
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