Pronunciation: mu̇d-ˌäk

A Russian swear word meaning an asshole, but never a smart asshole. Someone so arrogant that he doesn't even understand what a dickhead he is.

What makes this word unique - it is strictly masculine, which is not typical for the Russian profanity. You can even call a man pizda (cunt); but you never could say "she's a mudak". Neither you can form the feminine gender of the noun, like for the similar word durak (fool) - dura (feminine for durak). No way. So it's always a "dumb prick" but never a "dumb cunt".

Of course, "mudak" is an offensive word, but not as offensive as a pidar (faggot) or even a kozel (goat). Your ass would not necessarily get kicked for the use of it (it's still possible though). Some people even call themselves mudaks with some degree of vanity; e.g. the most renowned blogger of the Russian Web is pretty comfortable with a nickname Tupoi Mudak (a kind of redundancy here, i.e. the dumbest dumb jerk).
- Isn't Alex just great with all this computer shit? It seems he really knows what he's doing.
- The man is a mudak. I would not trust him to mow my lawn... or his own for that matter.

- Tofik, why are you always so rude? - 'Coz I'm a mudak, now what? Deal with it.

- So sorry for blocking your driveway, neighbor, but my car has no power, so I can't move it.
- I don't know how, but move it now, you mudak, I have a plane to catch!

- Could you close the window? I think I'm catching a cold.
- I couldn't care less, I need fresh air. Find yourself a scarf or something.
- What a mudak you are!
by Alex Ex November 22, 2013
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This one is Russian for dickhead or asshole, or maybe dumb cunt.
Mailbox: Incomming message!
Me, reading some assload of spam again: áëÿ, ìóäàêè... {blya, mudaki... - meaning 'fuck those assholes...'}
See the page with Russian Cyrillic encoding to know how it's written.
by Nappko July 9, 2005
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(Noun) MOO-dak
Russian - vulgar slang

1. (said of a man) A despicable, contemptuous moron (esp. someone whose behaviour bothers, or ruins something for someone else).

2. (said of the Nomenklatura) a imbecilic jerk, a feeble-minded buffoon

Usage note: As with other Russian words on the more vulgar scale, this word is used only by men, to refer to other men. Extra caution should be observed where the use of this word is concerned; while it is unlikely to draw more than a snigger in Moscow, it's use in less urbanised locales, or those with a Muslim majority, may provoke a potentially lethal reaction.
"Yelstin spent the second half of every day belting back vodka, and the first half of every eve chasing females around the Kremlin. Just like Beria in that regard, wasn't he?"

Yelstin was a Mudak. They both were.
by AuthorEDEL September 17, 2010
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Mudak in Russian literally means castrated pig.

It's used as derogative term, such as dickead.
by Shadow5654649 December 2, 2009
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A Russian word, that means quite a stupid arrogant and dumbas person. Or, even worse.
Zatkins, ty tupoi mudak!
by Matreshk June 5, 2005
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The word you use to tell somone "you killed my family and now I will John Wick your ass and kill your family".
Alexey is a total mudak.
by Djcowndovgjss November 30, 2021
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A person who plays MUD/MUCK games...
Ye'r mudak! (often used in Russia and former CIS countries)
by Basil Lion October 1, 2003
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