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Russian for Goat. Can also be used as an insult.
Koza is a doe/female goat.

You're a goat. Ti Kozel.
Goat face. Koziya morda.

by Alex Bele.... June 13, 2007
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Large boobs. Boobs that are typically a size D or bigger. They are not misshapen or awkward. They are the best type of boobs.
I really don't like that girl at all. She's so stupid. But she has such nice kozels! They make me feel like I must sleep with her.
by boardskater March 13, 2010
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A tight ass man with a lot of information. Used to be very good looking and smart and then he got a good job high paying job Fortune 500 company and he forgot the ones who worked for him. He forgot about his son that he had with a Japanese Chinese horror who now is in charge of his compliance Department and Licensing because his son's name from a long ago is Chad like the country chat it's French Welsh it's in the Bible. Chad is loved by Jesse a Jessie at 90 State House Square. Chad was left on the stairs of a hospital that didn't exist call the lamb Memorial on 10 666 it's a matter number in New Jersey because of Kozel versus Kozel it's an abomination in the Bible... Some say it's the end of the world because of adoption when he was born there's a two-week. That's missing because of Kozel and because of Jesse. The Lord Christopher Kendra comes down from Maine to New York and takes Jesse to understand this one born Chad of Joses and Margaret Mary Chase Smith. It's about Maritime because of a Kozel if you know a Kozel then get Kozel can save you from the wreckage and the Terrors and the whores don't leave them out there... It's biblical!!!
Me: hi is this Phillips Van Heusen
Tiffany: I'm not his admin
Kozel: that kid Chad O. Herman is a hoax in the Word of God
Lord Christopher and Anti-christ Kozel is our savior!!!!
by Fernando X. Cruz June 26, 2018
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