1. Usually a girl that's off the bolt.
2. A female that is naive, doesn't know whats better for her... Somebody going crazy. Can be derogatory or playful.
3. Playful way of saying fool. Can be used around friends to show a warm, loving connection. Especially when yelled out really loud… DDDDUUUUUURRRRRAAAAAA!
I gave Igor a danza slap because he was being a dura that time we were driving in the car to Cal.
by Ckopapyk September 14, 2004
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To show great esteem to lord dura
We would dura for eternity even if we had to risk our lives
by Dura believer March 29, 2019
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means everlasting in french.
one who is of the awesome hippie type who is also scientifically informed.
one who loves everyone.
someone who, due to their optimism in life, is happy most of the time.
"that girl is such a duras, look at her music selection! buddhist chants??"

by dsoleilruggles February 1, 2009
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Those nachos made me take the nastiest dura.
by FREEmouont January 18, 2010
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bobby: i dont speak girls language
bobby: i dont understand them
bobby: i'm just rude
jack: they like DURA
by beloutte November 3, 2004
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One tough mother of an outer covering for the brain.
The dura mater is above the pia mater.
by Cyanosis January 6, 2008
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Taking a crap on a your partners chest and sticking in a lit sparkler.
I set off the fire alarm last night when I gave her a Dura-Flame Log.
by 3219 March 21, 2010
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