The most sexiest Russian that ever lived. He is great guy and is very funny. His only flaws are his self confidence and his quietness. When you get to know Alexey very well, he’ll open himself up to you.
I love Alexey!”

I want Alexey!”

“He’s such a great guy.”
by Hey you can I get a picture fr January 22, 2019
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Sexiest Russian name ever, guy who has this has at least an 8 inch dick, lives in a small wooden cottage in the forest of snowy Russia and only comes out at night to lure people into his cottage and give them tomato soup.
Omg that guy is so hot! He's got a girlfriend Sophie but I'd still do him! He must be called Alexey.
by SonyaSponge January 7, 2017
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By far the most sexiest Russian name for a guy ever. Whoever has this name must be truly super fine.

Pronounced: ah-lyek-SYAY or ah-leek-SYAY
That guy met is so hot, he must be named Alexey.
by Redsilk20 May 12, 2011
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Man who fixes printers faster than bugs
That guy alexey. He fixed the printer in 10 minutes, but broke prod for 2 hours.
by anoninin November 15, 2017
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The most sexiest Russian that ever lived. He is a great guy and is very funny especially with his M u n k e jokes. Alexey only belongs to the best strongest Russian heavy weapons experts and that is why the name is so rare. If the name Alexey did not exist there would be no strong men in USSR and Stalin knowing that the USSR does not have an Alexey in it would surrender in the first hour of war. Alexey is also an improvement for the name Putin where people not as cool and Alexeys would be demoted to a name such as Putin.
Wow, that's an Alexey over there better not mess with him!

Oh boy, I'm fucked for I just pissed off an Alexey meaning that I'm going to die in the next nanosecond!
by Poland Space Camp September 9, 2020
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An amazing kind human being that loves cherry (not strawberry) slushy's and deserved better.
"oh my god I love alexei!"

"same I miss him."

"he was so good for this world."

by lost._.ouosion July 8, 2019
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A kind scientist, who prefers cherry, but likes strawberry too.
"Smirnoff here-"

"It's Alexei, his name is Alexei"
by Txrbxlxnt November 3, 2019
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