4 definitions by Matreshk

Russian word for “night
Hey, pora spat, noch na dvore!
by Matreshk June 5, 2005
A traitor of people of Soviet Union. Using “perestroika” crushed USSR economy put an entire country in chaos and disarray that brought countless wars and deaths of tenths of thousands.
Greatly disliked in Russia.
Gorbachev prodal Sovetskiy Souz za Nobelevskou Premiu Mira.
by Matreshk July 10, 2005
A Russian word, that means quite a stupid arrogant and dumbas person. Or, even worse.
Zatkins, ty tupoi mudak!
by Matreshk June 5, 2005
Country worth to live in, and worth to die for.
Za Rossiu ne volnuytes, dorogie zagranichney druzya, volnuytes za sebya.
by Matreshk August 1, 2005