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(Noun) MOO-dak
Russian - vulgar slang

1. (said of a man) A despicable, contemptuous moron (esp. someone whose behaviour bothers, or ruins something for someone else).

2. (said of the Nomenklatura) a imbecilic jerk, a feeble-minded buffoon

Usage note: As with other Russian words on the more vulgar scale, this word is used only by men, to refer to other men. Extra caution should be observed where the use of this word is concerned; while it is unlikely to draw more than a snigger in Moscow, it's use in less urbanised locales, or those with a Muslim majority, may provoke a potentially lethal reaction.
"Yelstin spent the second half of every day belting back vodka, and the first half of every eve chasing females around the Kremlin. Just like Beria in that regard, wasn't he?"

Yelstin was a Mudak. They both were.
by AuthorEDEL September 17, 2010
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