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Russia is the largest inhabited country in the world, roughly the size of Peyton Manning's forehead. Future home of 45 million Ukrainians. Russia is lead by only the world's greatest leader, Vladimir Putin who is a more sexy Justin Trudeau. All of what Putin says is to be worshiped by the populace of the globe, and those who oppose are to burn in the fires of Chernobyl. Russia is best known for it's communist past, preemptive naval attacks on Ukrainian warships, squatting, Adidas tracksuits, and hockey stars that perform keg stands out of the Stanley Cup. The national animal of Russia is the Vladibear, which can be seen being a stead to Putin as he leads his people as the clear most dominant world leader. Russia's national sport is squatting, and citizens often partake in squatting regularly as an exercise. Squatting is best enjoyed with Vodka, and on top of a bus stop.
Russia, the prequel and sequel to the Soviet Union...

Russia, a country that's always funny. Until it suddenly isn't...
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by A. Hooman February 22, 2019
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1) Largest nation in land area, has a population 140 million, steadily declining since collapse of USSR
2) Capital Moscow is Europe's largest city with 13 million people, frequently ranks as 2nd most expensive city after Tokyo
3) Is mostly a democracy on paper only
4) US dollars and Euros are used just as much as rubles
5) Owner of the world's largest stockpile of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons
6) Has a very safe and successful space program
7) Struggles to maintain a vast military, while dealing with domestic terrorism daily
8) Has a thouroughly obscene obsession with German sedans
9) Average worker makes only $200 a month
10) Is incredibly beautiful in the winter
When in Moscow, watch out for the government (and not-so-government) luxobarges that like to drive on the opposite side of the road at triple digit speeds. Sphincter clenchingly terrifying, and makes Russian roulette look like a kindergarten game.
by Hans Blix August 28, 2005
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1)Today Russia is the only nation in the world, capable to keep International Space Station running

2)Russian technology propells US Atlas carrier vehicles and in effect, puts many of US payloads into the orbit, including military.
search google for RD-180
by Me January 10, 2005
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Country worth to live in, and worth to die for.
Za Rossiu ne volnuytes, dorogie zagranichney druzya, volnuytes za sebya.
by Matreshk August 01, 2005
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A really big and very cool country in the east. Managed to crush the Nazi occupation force after a decisive tank battle in the fields of Kursk.
Currently fighting those damn rebels, as of yet they are the only country to do anything effective to fight global terrorism. They pwned the bastards.
Russia has given birth to all sorts of cool stuff, Vodka, the t-32 battle tank, the ak47 and kossack hats.
by Citezen:Erased April 11, 2005
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