A City in ohio
Person 1, idk what names:I'm going to russia
Person 2: they speak an entire different language
Person 1:the city in ohio
Person 2:wtf
by Reymcgowan February 22, 2021
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Russia is country that occupies 20% of Georgia( country )
My country is occupied by Russia
by Gvtaeba August 8, 2018
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Russia = Occupant
Occupant ! Really Occupant
Russia - Occupant
because they force other countries to do things for example *Georgia*
They start wars without a mercy and they destroyed "Red Cross" in Georgia in 2008 War (that continued 2 days)
by WYBM May 10, 2019
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A shithole country that the biggest land area in the world and still is greedy for more. Russia is run by Putin.
Russia needs to stay out of Ukraine
by 1970s guy November 28, 2022
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A big pile of cprap that's run by a Nazi in disguise. Every member of the Russian parliament needs to make out a chicken.
Russia is a big pile of shit
by You don't no my name March 16, 2022
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- Hey James can you name at least one terrorist state?
- russia
by Dilfhunter22 July 25, 2022
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