You spelt it wrong DUMBASS!!!
It is not "dumbas" it's 'dumbass' silly!
by Not your problem November 25, 2006
Noun: Someone with such extremely low intelligence that they are no longer dumb, they are dumba. The plural dumba dumba. Derived from dumb.
For directions it's Tom Tom, not Dumba Dumba.
by A_shley July 10, 2006
du-ma: (n.) Used to refer to someone who would be considered dumb.
Dumba, you can't play smash on a deck of cards.
by JoeyPeluka May 1, 2019
A friendly term for Dumb-Ass
pronounced dumb+us
Adrian never understands our comments, he's a bit of a dumbas at times.
by missma May 7, 2010
(Noun) Anyone whose name is max
That man over there is a very big Maximus Dumbas
by furriesrgay January 23, 2022
The Ancient african healing weed only found at the drug dealers on piquette ave and brush st in Detroit Michigan. Or in Africa. Also makes you hallucinate Extremly. So much that it gets to the ponint that some people have reported looking at a pillow and seeing "pillow pants". Also sees many childhood memorys like action figures in real life. Barbara Bush
Hey yo niggam you hear that dave chappelle went ova to Africa to got find some mouthfuking dumba weed. That shit is wack.
by pablo wetback August 26, 2006
A: You're a dumbas!
B: Did you mean dumbass? Lol dumbass!
A: HA! Now you seem like an ever bigger dumbas.
by keeg12345678910 December 18, 2020