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A man of focus, commitment, and sheer fucking will. He's not the boogieman. He's the guy you send to kill the fucking boogieman.
I once saw him (John Wick) kill three men in a bar with a pencil. A fuuocking pencil. Who the fouck can do that?
by Ben Garrison's Dictionary January 05, 2018
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Person #1: i really love animals, especially dogs, and i cant stand to see them mistreated
Person #2: Take a lesson from John Wick, he killed over 100 people after someone killed his dog
by TheDarkIce March 24, 2017
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Fuckin killing somebody, and everything they love for messing with your dog.

Comes from the movie John Wick where an ex-assassin goes on a rampage because some mafia thugs killed his dog.
Person 1: That lady tried to smack my dog.
Person 2: wtf? For real?
Person 1: Yea I was about to go John Wick on her ass.
by T-money January 24, 2015
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Jonathan "John" Wick, also known by the nickname "The Boogeyman" is a legendary hitman who worked for the Tarasov Mobuntil his retirement. He quit so he could spend time with his wife Helen Wick, who later died of a terminal illness. His superior Viggo Tarasov would only allow him to quit if he first completed an impossible task, and Wick killed all of Tarasov's enemies in one night. Following his wife's death, he came out of retirement when Viggo's son Iosef Tarasov murdered his dog Daisy during a home invasion.

PS: Biography by FANDOM
John Wick is the most scariest hitman of all time!!
via giphy
by m0ca May 20, 2019
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Attention all Fortnite gamers, John Wick is in great danger and he needs YOUR help to wipe out the squads in the Tilted Towers. But to do this he needs a Golden Scar and a couple of Chug Jugs. To help him all he needs is your credit card numbers, the 3 digits on the back, and the expiration month and year. But, you gotta be quick so that John Wick can secure the bag and get the epic Victory Royale.
by IcE WaLLoW CoME October 25, 2018
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A person that has the ability to build a fucking mansion when getting shot at by an Assault Rifle and will have no mercy nor remorse when engaged in a fight. Or it could be a 12 year old kid who bought tiers using his moms credit card.
Person 1: Oh shit i see a John Wick. Person 2: Let him pass.
by Hella Bread June 01, 2018
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A endangered fortnite player trapped in Dusty Divot and Tilted Towers. He needs a golden scar and a couple of chug jugs. He needs your help, to help get your mom or dads credit card and find the 3 digits on the back and the expiration month and year, and help him achieve the epic victory royale
Raptor: Hey! Have you helped John Wick yet

Probably You: Yeah, I already gave him a golden scar
by The Great Ur Mom October 24, 2018
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