the greatest burger ever, it can be purchased at A&W. Mozza cheese, bacon, tomato, and tons of other delicious ingredients. is better than a whopper or a big mac. much better.
If i lived close to an A&W, i know i would be morbidly obese simply because of the mozza burger.
by guitarhero2 June 15, 2007
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The presence of a young professional's alter ego that appears when drinking. The alter ego displays the opposite characteristics of the young professionals corporate life, behaving inappropriately in every facet of social interaction, often resulting in widespread embarrassment, discomfort and occasional legal ramifications.
"I thought Andrew from the project team was a really sweet and professional guy, but then I saw him at the work christmas party and Mighty Mozza was out"
by Woodley53 December 4, 2012
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What happens to the forskin after dipping your penis in multiple women and men without cleaning yourself for a week.

Max's foreskin after a week of "teaching" his students.
Ain't nobody wants a piece of that forbidden mozza, get that shit away from me.
by bilbo the wise April 24, 2021
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Verb; The act of saving up one's dick cheese and spreading it on a microwaveable gas station pizza to serve to one's girlfriend on the third date.

A proper Lotsa Mozza requires preparing a Lotsa Mozza name-brand pizza, found in Wisconsin gas stations; However, any microwaveable pizza will still qualify if served with the proper spirit.
Person 1: "Hey man, how's it going with your new girl?"
Person 2: "Oh, it's going great man. I Lotsa Mozza'd her and she totally loved it."
by bubtBadiance April 17, 2021
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Something a bit shitty and a bit dumb.
I was looking at Sara Hardie’s face the other day. Mozza!
by Mr m dawg jr January 3, 2022
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Super Swaggy group comprised of 8 founding members
Omg did you guys see Mozza Stick Gang (MSG) yesterday, they all looked so cool I wish we were as cool as them
by msgmozzastix November 8, 2021
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