Someone who is talked up by everyone as a person who is awesome, but actually sucks in reality. They are not actually a man of honor, they are actually a piece of shit. When someone says that someone else is a great man, they don't actually mean that they are a great person, it is meant as a sarcastic term.

Also, when someone is constantly a "great man", you can award them the "great man award". This is given to them for simply being a great man!
John: (talking about people they know from the same high school) Do you know John Smith?
Mark: Oh yeah, John Smith, great man!

Bill: Did you hear about that asshole Phil?
Craig: Yeah dude, great man
by leonardfartsen1 November 10, 2012
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An old way of the Arab tribes guaranteeing that a son of a reasonable person will not cause any sort of chaos when entering a new city.
Did you see how that guy talked? You can tell he is the son of a great man!
by KingHunter2019 February 10, 2023
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To actually take into account the costs of retaining a Great Man in any organization. Costs include the number of people said Great Man drives out of the organization due to their behavior, the amount of legal fees that they could expose said organization to due to anti-harassment lawsuits made by other members, organizational reputation loss, etc.
Clarence: …and that's why I recommend that the board does not terminate Mr. Stallman's role in our organization.

Kelly: Okay, go back to slide 15…

Clarence: Got you. What's your question, Kelly?

Kelly: I was afraid of that. You forgot to carry the great man. What happens when you do that, Clarence?

Clarence: Oh, right. Let me put that in the spreadsheet… huh. I guess we should fire Mr. Stallman's ass, then.

Kelly: I was afraid so.
by tariqk December 6, 2021
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