MSG is like salt on crack, it improves almost every meal.
Person 1: This food is so bland...
Person 2: Because there's no MSG in it.
Person 1: Oh I see
by Wackazoid March 16, 2021
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It is the cocaine of the food world it makes food and life taste so much better. If your sad about something put MSG on and all your problems will be solved
Just get a baby, put MSG on the baby. It would be a better baby, smarter.

If sad in life use MSG on it
by ThatboiMo November 23, 2021
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Monosodium glutamate.

A substance added to food to trick the stomach into feeling full. Wears off after half an hour. MSG is used most often in buffet-style restaurants and Chinese food restaurants to help maximize profits by saving food resources.
I went to Grand China Buffet and got full immediately after eating only two small plates. I suddenly felt hungry again the minute I arrived home. Damn MSG.
by AYB May 21, 2003
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What uncultured human doesn't use MSG.

Fun fact: Add some MSG to your kid's vegs, they will love it
Kid: Ewww vegies

You: There is MSG in there
Kid: *starts shoving it into their mouth*
by Wisteria_Succ November 23, 2021
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Food with MSG in it is the best because mmmm it's soooo good!!!
by Paco Izzle October 22, 2011
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Short for 'Message'

Used to smite little folk on MSN, even though they asked for it simply by using MSN.
<HaiBai> Hai wassup
<HaiBai> g2g bai
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 18, 2003
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"3 spring rolls please"
"Ow!! My stomach lining!!"
by tozza September 29, 2003
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