Super, superb, wonderful. Everything is good.
Today is going to be a super day. :)

by GucciLiving March 12, 2013
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the landlord of a tenant, a person of fixes broken things in a tenant's apartment.
The Super came by and fixed my pipe.
by Jay Ryes July 1, 2005
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The transfer of Marijuana smoke (usually) from one mouth to another.
"If you won't let me have any, can we atleast do some supers?"
by Jay2Win March 26, 2005
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A word that can either be expressed with great enthusiasm or extreme sarcasm. It is often used as a one-word response to a question.
Q: How were the tacos, Gracie?
Q: How was taking that CPA Exam, Jenn?
A: Super.
Q: What did you think of Kelly?
A: She was soooooo SUPER! What a blessing she is to this world.
Q: Did you have fun spending time with Holly yesterday?
A: Yeah, it was....super.
by Rugalicios Def March 8, 2011
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1. Extreme faggot who is always going "WHAT?!" and then bringing up logs from 4 years ago.
"Soup you're a fucking loser."
<Brings up log from 4 years ago>
by Zee March 19, 2005
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A Super Strength can of Lager usually around 9% Vol. also: Purple Tin,Speccy and Super Duper
LAD A: " I'm fuckin really sorry lad, I'd had 7 Super's "
LAD B: " yeh I know but, tryin to finger me mum, thats out of order lad!"
LAD A: "I can't remember, I'm fuckin sorry"
LAD B: "It's not good enough ye cunt "
LAD A: "Do ye fancy a pint? "
LAD B: "Alright then cunt, thats a good start "
by John Gaskell March 20, 2004
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a jumbo tampon used to soak much blood.
Miranda used a super on her period.
by .love.her. May 25, 2007
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