An Egyptian term for any curvey foxy girl who's wearing a sexy outfit and usually showing some flesh.
Dude1: shoft elmozza elli 3addet di yala? (did you see this mozza who passed by, dude?
Dude2: Shut the fuck up you son of a bitch, she's my sister!
Dude1: Ooops, bardoo mozza! (still is a mozza)
by Oldhippie December 25, 2008
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Used by arabs , Egyptions

mozza = chick with sexy body
This girl is mozza
by Ahmed Bayoumi August 6, 2008
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pretty girl with pretty body with pretty ass which make every guy's dick stand up
el bet deh mozza moot
by mohamed May 14, 2004
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He is the sickest mofo on the planet, he is so sick ebola looks up to him and is like "that's one sick mofo".
Person One: Damn you so sick homie
mozza: yah, I know.
Person Two: yah cos he's mozza.
by habibski December 14, 2005
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Well we made a right mozza of that, didn't we?

Ohh she just fell over, what a mozza!
by bjagu July 11, 2010
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Derogatory term used to describe muslims. A term usually used by Hindu's.
I can't stand the mozza's around here, they stick together too much
by Kiz411 June 19, 2005
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Short for mozzarella, mild and rubbery Italian cheese that is often eaten melted, as on pizza
When the waiter comes back, I'm going to order some mozza sticks.
by Sam January 1, 2005
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