Usually a phrase a man/woman uses talkin to a friend about someone they want to have sex with.
Man 1: Man, Niecy been lookin fine lately. She wants to chill sometime.
Man 2: Dawg, you better get that shit.
by J December 18, 2004
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Australian, v, used in accordince with with someone to get angry, pissed off, snakey, dirty
When Ryan Adams or Pete Murray get rotation on triple J , I most definately...get the shits.
by herbie August 31, 2004
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n: A phrase to start off a story about something bad or unfair that has happened to you or someone you know.
A: Man get this shit I was smoking a blunt on the way to work and crashed into a cop.

B: Man that's some shit...
by MagickalTrevor January 16, 2008
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to cheer some one on in a way as if there doing a good job at what ever they happen to be doing , to motavte someone to continue what ever they are doing say if there danceing,fighting,getting a number from a girl/boy.

this pharse is used in southern cali very often
look at Monica over there danceing with that boy she turnt up "Get that shit bitch"

is that Tiffany over there pulling that boy number? oooh shit "Get that shit bitch"
by cellygothisfame1 February 20, 2010
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2 Let loose & do ur thang like nobody cares !!! LAYIN IT DOWN !!! Set It Free!!! Eatin ur OWN Cake !!! jsk...
Even at over 300 lbs Betty would always tell us 2 set it free let loose & GET UR SHIT ON !!!
by jskx March 24, 2019
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'Get that shit out' is an expression, usually out of annoyance, similar to gtfo. However, it can be used indirectly, towards objects for example. It is also used to show dominance over a thing.

Credit can go to a young man named Sam S. for inventing the term.
A basketball player goes up for a slam dunk, and another player knocks the ball out of his hand while yelling, "Get that shit out!" Thus it is refering both to the basketball and to the player's attempt at scoring.

A waiter brings you something that you didn't order, you can simply say, "Get that shit out," in a Mr. T voice.

You can say "Get that shit out," as you throw an object off a cliff in rage.
by Drüd September 2, 2008
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When your about to whyl out with friends and try to get that shit cuddii
Patti and karen about to get that shit cuddii since they trashed.
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