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A yummy sandwich made by an underpaid teenager working at burgerking.
"last night I ate a whopper."
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An person who makes an absolute fool out of themself, without being aware that others are laughing at them!!
Get on that fuc**in whopper over there !!
by DJ Rolex July 18, 2009
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Most commonly used in the area of Glasgow, meaning a lie. Instead of telling a lie, you tell a whopper.
Frank: "Yeah, I gave her multiple orgasms!"

Bill: "You just told a huge whopper."
by Mattjob March 02, 2009
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1. something of great size

2. a complete lie
That shoe is a whopper.
by Light Joker March 30, 2007
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well when used around the glasgow vecinity "whopper" is used to decribe a piece of information as termanologically inexact (a lie)
"uff man thats a pure whopper and a half"
translated -" thats a lie "
by kenny mcgill April 22, 2005
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