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Fourth full length album of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Following the death of former guitarist Hillel Slovak, the album marks the debut of guitarist John Frusciante and drummer Chad Smith. Known for being the start of the groups commercial success, it features a variety of songs ranging from the funk laden riffs of "Subway to Venus" to the firey goodness that is "Punk Rock Classic".
There isn't a bad song on Mother's Milk.
by everlong May 30, 2006
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highly important; used as a basis to compare the importance of something to life as we know it; the best in its class

when used in conjunction with "your" can be a dergoatory slam used to indicate your sexual relations with somones mother while still serving as a basis for a positive comparison
This is some good damn Ketel and 'cran it's like your mothers milk!

This new 3 Meg T1 is gonna be mothers milk.

This is some great lemonade Mr. Jones it's like your mothers milk.
by TinoFett June 08, 2006
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buy the domain for your travel vlog
The best damn beer in the world.
Dude pour me another pint of Mothers Milk, damn this is good beer!
by Ralph May 01, 2004
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Australian best stout without the bullshit. Pint glass half filled with Guiness topped with Bundaberg Rum and coke.

Originated from the Wheatbelt in Western Australia.

God's Stout
After a hard day of work nothing feels better then Mothers Milk
by Wrangas December 12, 2016
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