Something my dad is still looking for to this day.
David- Where’s your dad?
Johnny- Oh, um... he’s b-buying milk right now
David- Really? My dad is too.
Johnny- Do you want me to get the ice cream?
David- Y-yeah.
by no, luv❤️ April 27, 2020
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A rare quest item that can take up to 15 years or more to get. It is very hard to obtain just because of how long it takes to get to it.
Kid: dad where are you going?
Dad: (staring intensely into the distance) to get some milk.
by Bob dinkledash January 13, 2019
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The product that make dads disappear, until (name disappointment here) have become a successful and productive part of society, something your dad has no sense of.
Your Mother: Babe were out of milk
Your dad: I'll go get some then from the store
20 years later...
You: Wow I cannot believe I have finally got 3 stacks of minecraft diamonds

Your dad in the lobby: *Hands you a bucket of milk for your diamonds*
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I forgot to get some Cereal Sauce from the store. Someone asked what milk was and i said milk is cereal sauce.
by Thatkidd13 March 19, 2017
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something your dad still has not came back with
your a mistake so your dad went and got milk
by okidontcareatallbro December 10, 2021
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that good liquid thing that plays too much; It disappears right when you need it for your cereal or any other breakfast.
Al: yo bro, You finna pass me that milk in the fridge so I can use it for my cereal?

Ed: lol there's actually no milk in the fridge; I drank the last one. Sorry for your loss bro.
by Ed_adom🦁 August 24, 2016
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