Something my dad is still looking for to this day.
David- Where’s your dad?
Johnny- Oh, um... he’s b-buying milk right now
David- Really? My dad is too.
Johnny- Do you want me to get the ice cream?
David- Y-yeah.
by no, luv❤️ April 27, 2020
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The product that make dads disappear, until (name disappointment here) have become a successful and productive part of society, something your dad has no sense of.
Your Mother: Babe were out of milk
Your dad: I'll go get some then from the store
20 years later...
You: Wow I cannot believe I have finally got 3 stacks of minecraft diamonds

Your dad in the lobby: *Hands you a bucket of milk for your diamonds*
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something your dad still has not came back with
your a mistake so your dad went and got milk
by okidontcareatallbro December 10, 2021
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A white substance people drink that is produced by mammals and if brought up enough as a topic may get banned on a discord server
”do you think milk on its own is good?”
*repeat for 2 months*
thats it no more milk talk, it's banned
by It-was-my-fault March 30, 2020
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Two guys hanging out in the club.... a white woman walks by.... after she passes by one of the guys then says "milk".
by DSCone August 19, 2010
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When hitting a shot that hits nothing but the net
by The gerbal October 2, 2018
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