‘I’m tired’ is a phrase that you have most certainly used at least once. ‘I’m tired’ is the universal excuse for anything you do since it doesn’t reveal how you feel in intricacy but is still the truth.
(Side note, you’re probably Guy 2)

Guy 1: ‘Are you ok?’
Guy 2: ‘I’m tired.’

Guy 3: ‘Why didn’t you do your work?’
Guy 2: ‘I’m tired.’

Guy 4: ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’
Guy 2: ‘I’m tired’
by limeboiz January 1, 2021
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An expression used to denote when someone is “fed-up” or sick of something and/or doesn’t want to hear any more about it
Person 1: “Laura said all men are pigs again for the 8th time today”

Person 2: I’m so tired
by vladislav January 29, 2018
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the expression of pure joy and being grateful. for the second person — full time success of screwing theirs sleep schedule, after such a long time.
person1. hey, mlody bedi.. but i’m not tired anymore !
person1. *waking up* fuck yes..
by bellamy96blake January 2, 2021
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“I’m tired”

-David’s popular quote
David: I’m tired
Nathan: Same
Emmanuel: Bruh, first David, now you?
by cool dude 09876543211234567890 February 18, 2022
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When you stay up all night watching YouTube or FaceTiming someone
Hey bill I stayed up all night watching YouTube I’m tired like I want to sleep maybe I’ll put some sun glasses on so Jim doesn’t notice I’m sleeping
by GoSuckADuck May 16, 2019
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A quote used by our very own king, Harry Styles.
Makeup artist: He looks a bit pale this morning, a bit peaky.
Harry: I’m tired and it’s winter.
by HSLTstan June 26, 2021
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