Not recognized, as to quality or worth: an unappreciated gesture of good will. Taken for granted.
He feels unappreciated by her.
by ajuran September 10, 2006
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Not valuing something, In particularly from past situation.
My sister was very unappreciative after all the stuff I bought her, I felt as though I was more betrayed than hurt.
by Gady Good Always Die Young March 20, 2014
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When the friend of someone who is about to or just entered into a new relationship gives their approval or rejection of the partner but is completely ignored by the person and still goes on with the relationship.
Person 1: "So when do I get to meet her?"

Person 2: "Soon why?"

Person 1: "So I can give my unappreciated rejection, we both know you're gonna get with her anyway, I just gotta let you know what I think of her"
by sean1092 August 26, 2010
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