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You really Heifed that up
by Ralph September 30, 2003
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A miserable prison for young people whose lives are usually hard enough as it is. Often there's a poor kid who hasn't eaten in four days and doesn't have electricity. He sits and waits for lunch, where he gets to eat a piece of month-old bread and drink half a glass of concentrated orange juice. That is, unless someone steals it and pours it on his head. Later, he gets his clothes stolen in the locker room and a spray of deodourant in his eyeballs. Lastly he's taunted by girls who have so little ego that they mock the poor kid, just for kicks. Then he trudges home carrying a 40 pound backpack because someone forgot to pick him up.
Hey Ralph; where ya off to?
High...sch..the place that I go in the morning..won't you please shoot me now?
by Ralph January 12, 2005
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A tattoo on your body that is exposed all the time. (i.e. a tattoo on your neck, nuckles, forearms, hands, face, etc.)

It's hard to get a job with an expose tattoo...
Cookie: "what's that on your neck? it rocks!"
Ginger: "it's my new tattoo"
Cookie: "that's the best job stopper i've ever seen!"
Ginger: "Thanks, that's why I play in a band..."
by Ralph March 23, 2005
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The most mundane form of higher ups specifically "brass". People with control over you and your destiny due to policy and enforcement of policy and rules and regulations.
I don't like to work during the day, there are too many Hall Walkers.

Stay away from the main office during the day, there are too many hall walkers, you are gonna get jammed up.
by Ralph May 01, 2004
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Just like Digiorno pizza, no delivery. False delivery.
Person A: Oh, I forgot to bring you your book back.

Person B: You digiorno's
by Ralph April 12, 2005
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adjective describing a person who has a morbid obsession with fanticising about coworkers whom are far smarter and prettier killing themselves by jumping off bridges.
i'm worried that afjal is direndra.
by Ralph April 01, 2004
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