A brand of Rum named after Queensland's suger cane town of 'Bundaberg'. Established by sugar millers and given the polar bear logo because they believed the polar bear wards off the coldest chill. Known around Australia as Bundy (and the bear's name is Bundy Bear).
Trudi: Where are you goin?
Dan: Goin' to the bottle-o to get a bottle of Bundy.

'Bundaberg rum, overproof rum will tan your insides and grow hair on your bum.'
by Uralla January 10, 2007
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A sex act that originates in Bundaberg that involves having an enema with a can Bundaberg Rum and Cola and then defecating it back into your partner's mouth. You then straddle your partners face and teabag your balls into their mouth, enjoying the tingling sensation of the bubbles from the cola.
Lesley enjoyed Wade's Bundaberg Rum Balls on their recent trip to Bundaberg.
by red_les June 13, 2009
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