A sadistic "project" given to students by teachers in the hope that they will learn something from it. Although students are expected to work on these reports for long periods of time, they can usually be completed in one day with help from spark notes, wikipedia, or other websites.
"Hey Dylan did you start your book report yet?"
"Nah I think I'm going to use spark notes the night before it's due."

by Fastorian June 19, 2008
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When your in a relationship and you two are arguing, the time that some says, "hold on let's get on the same page"
This can be resolved with a book report
by Ajay Graham September 26, 2007
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Stupid piece of shit assignment only invented to waste time and energy all under the guise of being "educational". These torture devices are usually assigned to children on vacations. Sometimes even on summer vacations in which 95% of students don't give a shit to do anyways because it has all the "educational" value as staring at paint drying on a wall for 10 hours and then writing down what you "learned" about it.
Bob: I can't wait for vacation!

Joe: Yeah man. I've been waiting so long to get out of this torture called school. Can't wait to play some Minecraft and ROBLOX togethe-

Teacher: You will be leaving with a Book Report which is due by the end of the vacation. It must have a minimum of ∞ pages. Any less than that will count as a 0.

Joe: I've changed my mind Bob how about we go yahoo off the entire empire state building together?

Bob: Yeah, that's a good idea.
by BonelessJohn February 17, 2021
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