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Flaming Liberal/ Member of the Church of Scientoogy
Pro anything liberal and against anything good
Favorite Activity is motorboating Hillary Clinton
Anyone who imitates Moran is a douche bag but not as abig a douche as Moran...No one could do that
by Liberalhater December 4, 2007
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The hottest man/band director to ever walk the Earth.
Oh wow, he’s so hot, but he’s no Moran.
by ImNotHomosexualIPromise September 19, 2020
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A truly magnificent person, an amazing teacher, and one who could be considered a friend by almost anyone. If you have the opportunity to have Moran as a teacher you should take it.
Moran is the best teacher at Abington Heights High School
by BILLS2020 January 23, 2019
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i come up with the strangest shit eg: freezing a spoon and putting it on your nuts.
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A fat dirty son-of-a-bitch that enjoys servicing glory holes, brazian sex party's, feltching, and stocking race car drivers.
By the way he looks at me, you can tell he is a Moran.
by TruthDropper May 19, 2017
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A moron's spelling of the word moron which means idiot.
Also the name of a city in the state of Kansas.
Moran? Isn't that a surname? What a moron.
by anon January 7, 2005
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