Simply, the way a moron spells moron.
Tina: "I'm such a moran!"
Adam: "Yes, yes you are a moran, you moron."
by Anonymous Laughter August 2, 2007
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The correct spelling of moran when posting to fark
... I will forever think of you as a moran.
by NER June 1, 2005
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A method of grading, originally instituted by Patrick Moran. It is not based on the 100-point system, but rather on a point per question on a particular assignment, project, or examination. For each incorrect answer, a "point," or letter grade, is taken off of the final grade. For example, a 25/25 would be an A+, a 24/25 would be an A, a 23/25 would be an A-, etc. The grade can go below the normal F standard. The next letter grade after F would be, "G." Usually, it stops there, mainly due to the fact that no one has ever gotten below a "G" grade. The system is rarely used due to its extreme nature, and when used by the teacher, it is only conducted on very rare occasions.
"My teacher believes in Moranism. She told us that it makes us work harder. Now that I got our first test back, I agree with her."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
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see the happy moran he doesent give a dam i wish i was a moran OH! god prehaps i am.-quote Nana Moran
by Donal Moran May 22, 2004
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A last-resort insult commonly used by Battlefield: Vietnam players of sub-par intelligence when their clans fail to show up for assigned matches. Also in frequent use as a joke insult and method of confusing detonate.
by Karrde July 3, 2004
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A noob who posts a topic explaining to everyone how to correctly spell moron in the Off Topic forum
"Moron is NOT spelled MORAN (note the letter A)"
by Not An STN Noob February 7, 2008
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Representative James Moran (D-Va), a liberal Democrat opposed to the Bush administration. As such, strongly disliked by Bush supporters. One Bush supporter disliked him so much that he made a sign saying "Get a brain, Morans!" obviously with the intent to imply that Representative James Moran is a moron.
Representative James Moran: "I believe that the war in Iraq is the most pressing issue facing our country today. An early and outspoken opponent of the war, I voted against authorizing the President to go to war, co-authoring the Democratic alternative resolution which required President Bush to fully exhaust all diplomatic options before taking military action. I was also the original author of legislation that required the Defense Department, for the first time, to begin providing Congress with regular reports detailing how military operations were progressing in Iraq."

Sign guy: "Get a brain, Moran! Go USA!"
by Mike April 28, 2007
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