The proper way to spell moron when you're posting on Dvorak Uncensored blog.
by hhopper July 10, 2008
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Originated with a mock war protest who held up a sign that read "Get A Brain! Morans" and has since become an internet cliche not only for stupid people but also sarcasm and irony.
Samples from the mock protest: "Get a brain! Morans", "Ask Me About My Baby Killing Honor Student", "Soccer Moms For Blood" and "Bomb My Car"
by Howard April 07, 2005
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A Moran is a one armed gay bandit who loves taking it up the shit pipe off a big black cuck. his favourite sexual act is a alabahma hot pocket.
My mate is a right Moran last nite he took it right up his dark alley off tysons twin the gay bastard.
by Chalky 123 April 11, 2010
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Flaming Liberal/ Member of the Church of Scientoogy
Pro anything liberal and against anything good
Favorite Activity is motorboating Hillary Clinton
Anyone who imitates Moran is a douche bag but not as abig a douche as Moran...No one could do that
by Liberalhater December 03, 2007
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A truly magnificent person, an amazing teacher, and one who could be considered a friend by almost anyone. If you have the opportunity to have Moran as a teacher you should take it.
Moran is the best teacher at Abington Heights High School
by BILLS2020 January 23, 2019
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Someone who thinks they are better than everyone else, who thinks they know everything but actually no nothing.
Hilliary Clinton is a moran.
by Johhny B September 15, 2007
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i come up with the strangest shit eg: freezing a spoon and putting it on your nuts.
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