Something lonely people say on a Friday night.
person 1: Hey what's going on?
person 2: Party, invite only
person 1: Can I come?
person 2: Yeah… I guess
by lonelysigh... October 12, 2012
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Universal term for a drug dealer letting there client (feen or junky) know that they are on there way to meet them to sell them there fix (heroin, crack).
"Hey I'm here at Dowling and Penn I need a 40"

"Ok, here I come".
by Ceaser King September 21, 2018
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1. A phrase stated by movie characters when visiting a whole new place. Said to stop the inhabitants there from being hostile.

2. A 1990 Science Fiction Film.

3. An awesome song by Buckethead off of his album Giant Robot.
Example 1:

Fear not inhabitants of this planet, I come in peace.

Example 2:

Wanna watch I Come in Peace?

Example 3:

I Come in Peace is an awesome song off of Giant Robot.
by Who Cares about Your Hairline February 03, 2018
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an awesome green day song that has a very catchy beat; the song is very lovesick and is about 2 lovers having an arguement and then trying to make amends
No time to search the world around,
Cause you know where I'll be found,
When I come around
by GreenDayIsTheBest April 16, 2004
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Something to say to any idiot who thinks the world will end on 2012
guy 1: hey man have you seen the movie 2012?
guy 2: Yeah it sucked so much dick.
guy 1: What?
guy 2: aw fuck you the world neva gon end 2013 here I come!
by Boneless chickun April 10, 2012
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