A fat dirty son-of-a-bitch that enjoys servicing glory holes, brazian sex party's, feltching, and stocking race car drivers.
By the way he looks at me, you can tell he is a Moran.
by TruthDropper May 19, 2017
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in its roots, gay
commonly used to define any one of the three degrees of gayness, as the "moran" is all three at once
originated in the College Park, MD area
Oh my god, that's so fucking moran.
This thermodynamics homework is moran as shit.
by Puck February 20, 2005
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The word Moran originated from the Moran family who are morons
The Moran family are MORAND
by MaxMOMOeyes January 27, 2020
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The way moron’s spell moron.
Random Protester: You’re ideas are stupid Moran, go home!
by EagleAS June 22, 2020
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