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Nestled in the hills of (Clarks) Summit, stands the school that loves sports so well.

Abington Heights, a public school district in NEPA, is thought to be "top notch" by many. But after attending the school, I'll tell you it plainly: As of June 2006 (which is when I am writing this), Abington Heights has proved to be nothing but striking teachers and money spent on athletics. In order to keep the student:teacher ratio at 300:1 (or something more reasonable like 30:1, but is still ridiculously high), Abington Heights High School has gotten rid of all its English and most of its Social Studies electives.

The kids at the high school range from Abercrombie wearing preppy kids to pothead ICP kids. With such a wide range of students, one of the most popular shared activities among them is making fun of each other behind their backs. (Though I suppose what high school isn't like that?)
Aside from sports, Abington Heights spends money on painting the word "COMETS" on trash cans.
by Melissa Benson June 27, 2006
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Abinton Heights is a high school for kids in the Clarks Summit, Waverly, South Abington, and Clarks Green area. The history goes back to 1960's. I dont agree with the other definition. It is not as bad as it seems. We may have a strict principal but we manage to have fun with sports, class wars, and dances. Not everyone has the best experience but it is not as bad as they make it seem. We do have realy good teachers who care about their students. I would never go to another high school.
"Did you see the game at Abington Heights last night?"
"Damn you missed a good game against Scranton Prep. A kid not only pissed of those prepies by mooning them but we also killed them in the 4th quarter."
by Secretary of '10 February 04, 2009
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the only school in NEPA with actual good looking kids. Kids are normal that go here. people make tik time 24/7 that go there
by boyzzzzzzx August 26, 2019
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