A passage of time, showing you a lot of things to remind you of wants going on. Within every shot you get shown a little improvment, so-called improvment should take years, only takes minutes.
by Specs Dragon October 27, 2004
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A very overpriced fascist hotel in Laguna Beach. Rooms start at over $700 a night so you can "rub elbows" with the rich and famous. They constantly run "education classes" for their employees so that they become part of the "Montage Culture" which is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany. They also lie and get rid of undesirables that no longer fit their employee image. Generally you are told you are blessed to work there and if you don't volunteer for one of their charities you are marked for expulsion. It's like a very dysfunctional family - pretty on the outside but rotten to the core.
Anything overpriced and empty of soul located in Orange County. "Let's go to the Montage and spend a lot of money so that we feel like we're important."
by vinosnob October 7, 2007
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A new word for defining an indefinite amount of time.
Harad: "hurry up"
TC: "I'll be there in a montage!!"
by Harady September 11, 2008
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A video usually with pictures, video clips, or both, with music and/or editing. They are commonly used to show skill (also can be used for enjoyment) in a video game, like Halo, Call of Duty, or Gears of War.
An example of a good montage that shows skill and is enjoyable, by a Halo-pro, Dave Walsh(Walshy). It has amazing game-play and nice editing which complements enjoyable, synced music. Copy and paste url to watch.


by Ducay April 3, 2008
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verb. To try to improve something and end up making it far WORSE in the process. Named after Heidi Montag, whom after plastic surgery, went from an all-American beautiful girl-next-door, to looking like a cheap hooker.
Don't montag that DVD player, its working fine the way it is.
by ForReal345 September 9, 2010
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When someone botches something so completely and terribly, that it can only be compared to Heidi Montag's abysmally poorly lip synced, poorly danced, total failure of a Britney rip off performance at the 2009 Miss Universe pageant.
"She totally Montagged that presentation." or "That attempt was completely Montagged."
by darclyte August 25, 2009
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a video put on youtube showing off your "skills" on games. Usually people who make these vids just edit out all 300 other failed shots till they get the right one. Montagers also hate hitmarkers. Hate them.
~hey i just got a new montage!

~oh are you shooting down a narrow corridor this time?
by a mysterious color October 15, 2009
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