Anything good. Anything...
Dude, I walsh'd that test.
You better do walsh on that
by Final3 February 10, 2010
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To be virtuous, noble. To put the needs of others above oneself.
He could have let the bullies torment the sickly child but the walsh inside him made him stand his ground.
by Enduring March 26, 2009
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Name of a former Irish king in 527 A.D. After him and his brothers had died, the oldest brother (the old King) was therefore known as a god or someone to pray to.
After the Walsh brothers died, he was a god in that time period.
by Anonymous 13 May 3, 2007
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My niggah Steve Leon about to walsh that niggas ass!
by Niggah leon June 7, 2013
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To shit yourself and/or roll around in it afterwards
Aww man you just walshed yourself!!

Dude you should have gone to this party last night, this girl got so wasted she walsh all over the bathroom.
by Unkown117 September 13, 2009
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I totally walshed my test.

I really walshed that field goal.

Verb form of NFL Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh's surname.
by Joe Blaque January 2, 2018
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To put something that someone said to you over AIM on your profile or as your away message. Usually something you said as a joke but he put it up and made it look like you are seriouse.
I told Joe a joke about someone and he walshed it by putting it on his profile.
"I just got Walshed"
by Spaniard06 May 6, 2005
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