1. A dead-behind-the-eyes girl that loves to ditch all her friends for guys named Spencer that sport "creepy, flesh colored beards".
2. Someone who has tried their hand at acting and singing...and failed miserably at both.
3. A person who is a sad excuse for a celebrity.
1. "Hi, im Heidi Montag...My boyfriend/Ex boyfriend/Fiance/Only Friend/Verbal abuser/Life size version of a "Ken Doll", Spencer Pratt and i are Engaged! oh....wait, we're not..wait we are. OK. we're not."
2. "Im heidi Montag and my single is only downloaded by people who want to roll on the floor laughing or bulemics who need to listen to something to help them throw up."
3. "Im Heidi Montag and my boyfriend and i take pictures of ourselves and sell them to US magazine to pay our rent."
by MissObvious July 12, 2008
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Franken tits, as Perez Hilton calls her, a woman who is lost in the world, paid for her own voice to be put into a blender and spat out a over autotuned album. was so beautifull before getting 10 surgeries in one day. a sad sad icon of our gerneration.. ANYONE CAN BECOME A POP STAR.
Hey have you herd of Heidi Montags New Album??
-no. who the fuk is heidi montag??
by Bri Bri 123451234 December 15, 2010
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lauren conrad (of mtv's the hills)ex-best friend. she currently dates spencer pratt. their relationship is the source for the termination of lauren and heidi's friendship. heidi apparently works at bolthouse studios in l.a. as an event coordinator. she is from bute crest colorado and has a brother and sister.

during the summer of 2007 heidi under went a rhinoplasty and a breast enhancement. fortunately her cup size went from a negative A to a C. needless to say she was thrilled.

despite losing all of her friends for spencer pratt (who frosts his tips), she tries to seem confidant in life.

she makes for great drama on the hills, although this drama is probably not real.
heidi montag:we saw lauren and her abusive ex boyfriend jason at ketchup last night.
elodie (a co-worker):hmm..(not seeming to care) what did you do?
heidi:we sent over drinks to feel out the waters, you know?
elodie: no i dont know. you used to be friends with lauren, aurdina adn whitney. what happened whith that? you lost all of your friends?
heidi:uhh uah waht?
elodie:IT'S SO SAD.
by sconnie lady November 9, 2007
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n: the act of committing oneself to a lot of plastic surgery

undergoing/thinking about undergoing a lot of plastic surgery
Person 1: I have such a big nose! I need a nose job...
Person 2: Woah! Why are you going Heidi Montag on me?
by keepguessing May 20, 2010
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When you are an awful friend as soon as you get a boyfriend. Suddenly he is your only friend after your friends that are girls have decided to ditch your pathetic ass to the curb.The girl will usually make plans with her friends only to later ditch them to hang out with her boyfriend. Eventually he becomes the only person that can be around this pathetic girl . He is her ONLY friend.
Christine lost all of her friends after she ditched them one night for a concert and they couldnt deal with her "Heidi Montaging"
by theonlyHBIC October 10, 2012
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