a whore that will give her pussy or asshole for as cheap as a dollar
that cheap hooker sold me her pussy for a $2, what a dirty whore
by 12eedrsdf April 29, 2016
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1. A hooker that hangs around Walmart

2 a slut the walks around Walmart all day looking for someone to fuck

3 an insult that started online often implying someone's mom is a hooker
1 hey Ben look at the cheap Walmart hookers I bet you can hire one later tonight

2 that lady's such a cheap Walmart hooker all she's doing is looking for poon

3 hey Ben your moms a cheap Walmart hooker
by Theeyelessmonster April 16, 2014
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a hooker who is so ugly that everyone jokes about how cheap she must be (also can be used on a non-hooker)
Yo look at that Cheap-o-hooker
Hey man you got 99¢ im gonna have sex and still have enough to buy a taco
by Catrina teat April 15, 2010
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