Noun, female) a disgusting woman that is encountered in dive bars who is semi to moderately attractive, but is married with children and still goes home with you. Usually these species have a gin-soaked, chain smoker voice, and have names like Rhonda,for example, which they shorten to "Ronnie" etc. They leave their husband and kids in the hotel room on vacation, and go out on the town solo, having sex with other partners in bathrooms, on piers by the beach, or in public parks after hours of daylight. After these encounters, they cling to their new sexual partner like a barnacle clings to the hull of a boat, and the only way to remove barnacles is with extreme effort using a plastic putty knife. They are very hard to get rid of.

(noun male) a shit- bag. An under performer, or complete degenerate. A failure in all aspects of life.
I thought I would never get rid of that mollusk from last night!
by Scoopalone June 2, 2014
Boneless animals that could demolish the world if they had hands like Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish, Snail, or Clam.
Used also to describe a physically weak person that is very rational and smart.
Many mollusks have tentacles.
This guy is such a mollusk.
by Mollusk Clam Cuttleman February 17, 2021
A sweet word for a slimy, stinky, smelly, snail.
Amelia----> Mollusk
by Patty MC December 19, 2008
A sand-dwelling creature, that according to Ween emulates the ocean sound, speaks of the trinity, and casts a light at the sand with its wandering eye.
There are three things that separate the mollusk from the sand: the waking of all creatures that live on the land, and with just one faint glance back into the sea, the mollusk lingers with its wandering eye.
by Runaway Jim June 5, 2005
What Elon Musk should be called for electronic artsing Twitter.
Some people are turning away from Twitter after Elon Mollusk bought it.
by The Real Driller October 31, 2022
The act of circulating the penis throughout the vagina during sexual intercourse, due to either lack of penile girth or excessive vaginal elasticity, in order to increase sexual pleasure for either or both parties.
Ex. 1:
Brandi: How was your date with Joe?
Tina: Eh, okay. He bought me dinner so I took him back to my place.
Brandi: How’d that go?
Tina: I’ve had better. He was so small I had to tell him to floss the mollusk.
Brandi: Yeah, I find flossing the mollusk helps sometimes.

Ex. 2
Joe: Dude, I totally fucked Tina last night after taking her to McDonald’s.
Tom: How was it?
Joe: She was so loose I had to floss the mollusk.
by Zachy and JameJame October 28, 2011